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Sundays, 9:00am – 12:00pm

Charter Oak offers comprehensive training in Kathak (Indian Dance Style) under the direction of Rachna Ramya Agrawal.  The Kathak classes are offered every Sunday from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM.  These classes are divided into three sections (an hour each) to train the beginner, intermediate, and advance level students.

About Kathak: Kathak is one of the leading forms of classical Indian dance.  It originated more than 2000 years ago.  This ancient Indian art form derived its name “Kathak” from “Katha”, the art of storytelling.  In medieval India, this dance form passed through a period of renaissance and for some time became a powerful form of entertainment in the courts of India.  At that time, Kathak emerged as a new form of dance. Geometrical patterns and designs with special emphasis on footwork and intricate rhythmic patterns became the main focus of Kathak. Through an aesthetically exquisite and continually evolving style, the storytellers of the past combined dance, drama, and music and became the protagonists of modern day Kathak dance.

About classes at Charter Oak: The Kathak classes at Charter Oak is offered on Sundays, where students  learn rhythmically intricate footwork, dynamic spins and turns and expressive aspects of Kathak to create and communicate meaning through this compelling dance form.  We offer three core programs:

Beginner class: (11AM – 12 PM)  The beginner course work takes about two years to finish.  The age group in this class ranges from 6 yr. old to 10 yr. old.

Intermediate class:  (10 AM – 11 AM) For the students, who have finished their beginner Kathak techniques.

Advance Class:  (9 AM – 10 AM)  For the students who have finished their beginner and intermediate trainings.


The Fall session: From beginning of September till December third week

The winter session:  From beginning of January till March end

The Spring Session:  From beginning of March till June end

Towards the end of the Spring session, we have a student’s recital, where all the students perform at Charter oak Cultural Center’s auditorium.

Fee: $20/per class.  Need based scholarships are available.

What to wear in class: Chridaar –Kurta (Indian dress) or leggings with long t-shirt/blouse or any comfortable clothing where movements can be done with ease.

What to expect from this class: Our main focus is technical excellence in Kathak and to bring out the creative side of each student.  By the time students finish their basic training; their efforts expand to other dimensions other than technicalities of dance, performance skills and kinesthetic intelligence.  In this class students also develop self-expression, self-esteem, and self-respect.  Many students who have studied Kathak at Charter Oak have attested to the fact that this class has enhanced their lives in a very creative way, where they have learned many life-skills such as problem solving, appreciation of self, respecting themselves and others, stress-management etc.

About Rachna: Performer, choreographer, educator and published author, Rachna Ramya Agrawal has studied the Lucknow style of Kathak under Smt. Maya Rao and the Jaipur style of Kathak under Guru Rajendra Gangani, both recipients of Sangeet Natak Academy Awards (highest award in India). She has undergone further training in expressive and interpretative aspects of Kathak with Smt. Sandhya Desai.  To strengthen and enhance the rhythmic aspects of Kathak, Rachna has studied Tabla with Pt. Subhankar Banerjee. She has also received a Master’s degree in dance from the prestigious Pracheen Kala Kendra in India and trained in Choreography at the Natya Institute of Choreography in New Delhi, India.  In addition to her degrees in dance, the State of Connecticut Commission on the Arts selected Rachna as a Master Teaching Artist in 1993.  She was also a recipient of 1994-1995 Apprenticeship Award given by the New England Foundation for the Arts and worked as a master artist for the organization.   Rachna is also teaching a dance course at Trinity College in Hartford, CT.  Rachna has won many awards in dance, including a gold medal from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, in recognition of her Kathak skills.

For more information: www.Kathakusa.com

Email: Nrityam@aol.com

Phone:  860-817-6379

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