Rabbi Donna Berman, Ph.D.

Executive Director, 860.310.2584, Ext. 1003

Rebecca Scorso

Managing Director, 860.310.2583, Ext. 1002

Linda Prout

Beat of the Street Director, 860.310.2591, Ext. 1010

Susan Mazer

Director of Music Programs, 860-320-2590, Ext. 1009

Laura Rozza

Grants Manager,  860.310.2582, Ext. 1001

Tianna Glass

Administrative Manager, 860.310.2588, Ext. 1007

Yashira Santiago

Administrative Coordinator, 860.310.2593, Ext. 1012

Donna Larcen Marketing Manager, 860.519.0101, Ext. 1101

Daisy Ocasio

Direct Dial: 860.310.2589 Ext. 1008 Youth Arts Institute Assistant

Raul Santiago

Facility Manager

Sonny Nguyen

House Manager

Judith A. Mortensen

Universal Design for Learning and Inclusion Coordinator

Yunie Mojica

Jazz Mondays Director

Karl Messerschmidt

Technical Director

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