Rabbi Donna Berman, Ph.D.

Executive Director Direct Dial: 860.310.2584 Ext. 1003

Rebecca Scorso

Managing Director Direct Dial: 860.310.2583 Ext. 1002

Janice La Motta

Artistic Director Direct Dial: 860.310.2586 Ext. 1005

Laura Rozza

Grants Manager Direct Dial: 860.310.2582 Ext. 1001

Mary Cahalane

Development Director Direct Dial: 860.310.2587 Ext. 1006

Sarah Ratchford

Receptionist Direct Dial: 860.310.2588 Ext. 1007

Yashira Santiago

Administrative Coordinator Direct Dial: 860.310.2593 Ext. 1012

Donna Larcen Marketing Manager Direct Dial: 860.519.0101 Ext. 1101

Raul Santiago

Facility Manager

Sonny Nguyen

House Manager

Judith A. Mortensen

Universal Design for Learning and Inclusion Coordinator

Saige Dupont, BSW

Youth Arts Institute Director Direct Dial: 860.310.2590 Ext. 1009

Daisy Ocasio

Youth Arts Institute Assistant

Linda Prout

Beat of the Street Director Direct Dial: 860.310.2591 Ext. 1010

Jan Bartrop-Babbitt

Dean of BOTS Center for Creative Learning Direct Dial: 860.310.2585 Ext. 1004

Yunie Mojica

Jazz Mondays Director

Karl Messerschmidt

Technical Director

Scott Comanzo

Technical Assistant

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