Mitzvah Mall

Instead of shopping for holiday gifts at the mall, why not “buy” crayons for an after-school program, toys for hospitalized children, food for a homeless person or clothes for a victim of domestic violence in your friend’s or relative’s name? Participants get to feel, in a very concrete way, the power and impact of their generosity as they “shop” around learning about and donating to over 20 area non-profits. A great way to teach children about the gift of giving.

Mitzvah Mall is a nondenominational event that benefits over 20 non-profit organizations in the region by providing the public with an opportunity to learn about these organizations and make monetary donations.

There are four basic goals for this event. The first is to benefit, through monetary donations, the non-profits represented. The second is to raise awareness about the good work these organizations do. The third is to provide an alternative to traditional gift-giving of material items. The fourth is to educate both children and adults about the joys of charitable giving.

“Mitzvah” is a Hebrew word which literally means commandment but which is used more broadly to refer to all acts of kindness.
Check the Community page for details about this year’s Mitzvah Mall.

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