In Tough Economic Times, A Story of True Generosity


AUGUST 17, 2011

Hartford, CT— Charter Oak Cultural Center, is Hartford’s multi-cultural arts center, proving after-school programming in our Youth Arts Institute to Hartford students.  One day, last December, we learned something about one of our students that we just couldn’t ignore.  Daniellyz, a student who had been enrolled by her grandmother at the start of that school year, had a younger brother, named Edil.  Edil, who is 3 years old and lives in Puerto Rico with his and Daniellyz mother, was born with a seizure disorder, hypotonia, and global developmental delay.  He is unable to walk independently, and due to lack of financial resources and quality healthcare, his mother has to carry him everywhere.

As any parent with a child with disabilities can understand, knowing how to ask for help and lacking healthcare options, became a real struggle for Daniellyz mother, who had already sent Daniellyz to Hartford, to live with her grandmother, and get the education and health attention that she needed.  That’s when the staff at Charter Oak Cultural Center decided to reach out, to see if we could get a much needed wheelchair for this young boy.

Charter Oak Cultural Center, in partnership with Congressman John Larson’s office will be hosting a press conference to share the details and beautiful outcome of a heartwarming story involving our after-school program, Congressman Larson, ATG Rehab -a national wheelchair manufacturer, and JetBlue Airlines coming together to make a difference in the life of a family.  Members of the media will not want to miss this photo opportunity with Congressman John Larson and key community members.

DATE: Wednesday, August 24, 2011

TIME: 10:00AM

LOCATION: Charter Oak Cultural Center, 21 Charter Oak Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106


For the PRESS CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT (.pdf), with list of confirmed speakers please click here.


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