In the Gallery

In the Gallery

Traversing Traditions / West Indies

The rich cultural traditions of the nations of the West Indies will be celebrated in Traversing Traditions / West Indies at Charter Oak Cultural Center, beginning August 16.

Traversing Traditions / West Indies is a month-long celebration of the music, visual arts, and dance of the West Indies. High-caliber performing artists will present both traditional and contemporary music and dances native to the West Indies. The visual and media arts segments redefine notions of the “contemporary” through an amalgamation of traditional, indigenous, popular, and current art practice by the featured artists.Taken as a whole, Traversing Traditions explores the interconnected nature of the art belonging to West Indies nations.

The series opens on August 16 with Traversing Visual Art and an Opening Reception. Join us for complimentary wine and cheese, and get a chance to meet the artists!

Featured Artists: Iyaba Ibo Mandigo, David Martinez, Maurice D. Robertson, Stanwyck Cromwell, Pierre Sylvain

Traversing Traditions series curated by Pierre Sylvain and James DeMarco.

The Traversing Traditions / West Indies Opening Reception begins at 6 p.m. on August 16 in the Charter Oak gallery. The next event will be an artist’s panel, to be held in the Charter Oak Sanctuary, August 30 at 6PM.

For more information, call 860-310-2580. Supported in part by the Greater Hartford Arts Council’s United Arts Campaign with major support from the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving.


Spring Song (detail), Kim Sobel, 2018

Spring Song

Charter Oak Cultural Center has invited Kim Sobel to install new work on the wall.  After working in acrylic and oil on canvas and acrylic on paper for many years, in 2015 Sobel began a new search with her acrylic on paper.  She came to a juncture in her work when she wanted to disrupt her way of painting and had a mound of acrylic works on paper.  Instead of working with flowing paint, she began cutting out organic shapes and collaging them to the wall.  The act of carving wood cuts comes to mind along with images of Matisse cut-outs as this installation challenges the parameters of surface, object, containment and expanse.

Spring Song is as much about negative space as it is about the painted surface and now integrates found material and her surroundings. This installation combines cut acrylic work on paper, rug grippers, mesh, chicken wire, fencing, branches and tall grass. Each work is unique and can be seen as an improvisational dance as the forms respond to the space.  Moving through Sobel’s installation, the work unfurls to reach the edges of the wall and beyond.

Spring Song will be on display in the Charter Oak sanctuary from May 17 onward.